Sunday, July 09, 2006

Podcasting and the snowball mic

Ok, so here’s the first blog. Here goes.
The main thing going on lately has been creating this web page, moving and learning about how to podcast. Thanks to our good friends at the Emeryville and SF apple stores, I’m learning about web design and podcasting. Also big thanks to Scott Sigler over at (worth checking out and something I’ll write about more soon, I’m sure) for helping me realize that my envisioned mic setup--the one that involved Joelle’s old microphone from her recording days--would not work for podcasting. So, a few ebay clicks later, a place in Florida is now shipping me “The Snowball.” As an alternative to buying a very expensive mic AND a usb mixing board, this usb mic currently seems like the right choice. But we’ll see what happens when it gets here.
One thing’s for sure about podcasting and this whole avenue: you have to learn as you go. So far I’ve worked out the website a bit (thanks to apple and Jeff Farbman back in The ‘Bridge) but this podcasting world is all new and I’m sure there are new hurdles to face that I don’t even know about yet.
But for now, that’s the best I know. More to come.


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