Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Check in time

OK. Holidays coming up and it's time for me to check in with what's what. First thing is I finished my classes, don't have to go teach anymore for about a month. Amen. I still have a big bag of final papers, finals and short story portfoloios to grade, but those can wait until the beginning of January or my flight to Florida this weekend. My voice has come and gone and it's not great right now, but it's here, more or less.
Writing-wise, I have a rough first draft of JP3, the long draft of JP2 (the one I podcasted) and I need to work on both before the JWU release in March. I'm working on lining up a few readings for after the book comes out, on the East Coast, when I'm there before Noircon in Philly on April 3rd, or so. Panel there should be really exciting. Hoping to do readings in Boston, NYC, Philly. Talking to the bookstores now. Locked up the BART ads for JWU here in the SF area. Yeah!
The writing's on pause. Everything's on pause and all I want to do is sit and rest. Maybe go out to a movie later. Just feels like my batteries are really running low. I know I need to get out the new podcast episode of Fisher Cat, and I'll do it today, but then I just rest and do nothing for a while. JP2 draft needs to be ready to go for JWU's release, in case anyone comes asking for it, and JP3... well, you guys know what I've promised about JP3 coming out. So that's in the hopper too.
Sound like a lot of work? yeah, I thought so too.
At least Jack's still working on taking over Japan.


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