Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back in the saddle!

So I've been slow to post more this week as things move on. More because I've been recuperating and getting the energy back up, enjoying a little time with my wife, than for any other reason. Turns out I was pretty wiped out after Palms Sunday. But you know who was even more wiped out? Amazon, those bastards. Not only did we hand it to them on a platter on Sunday, but we bought them out of Jack and home! Even though JWU is strictly print-on-demand and, as far as anyone knows, Amazon just orders the books to be printed as the purchases come in, somehow by 11:30 last Sunday morning, they were showing "out of stock. Ships in two to four weeks."

You know what I'm talking about if you saw this message. For going ahead and buying anyway, I thank you. So of course, Siglerisimo has his conspiracy theories about why this would be the case (and why the Amazon bestsellers numbers basically ground to an updating halt on Sunday) and I can't honestly say I disagree. Thing is, it seems like he's offered the best explanation I've heard. Might be he's the only one who has a theory to explain this (Amazon's not saying anything), but still.

So is Amazon against us? Do we care? Like the Russian in Rocky 4, we come to crush them. "I will break you." That's what we say to Amazon. Even if they move to Siberia to train by carrying heavy rocks and large branches across their shoulders as they tromp through knee-high snow, or run up large mountains wearing tight black pants and a snazzy leather jacket, we are stronger, faster, and shoot way more steroids than they can keep up with. So yes, it is inevitable: we will break them. Our next shot comes on April 1 when Siggie's Infected goes live for real. Lucky for me, I'm "better together" with him after our big push last Sunday. That should be great.
Have a look. And yes, I'll be getting a new episode of JP3 to you today. So get ready!


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