Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cold Feet at the Last Minute

OK. Here it is, right? The Snowball is ready. The website is ready. Jack Wakes Up (the writing) is ready. Even my theme music is picked out and we're all set to go. Right? Wrong.

What's happening? Well, yesterday I tried to start recording chapter one and maybe because I need to get used to the sound of my own voice and maybe because I got intimidated listening to the level of production (and bullshitting (no offense)) on some of Scott Sigler's chapters, I got slowed down right when things were starting to ramp up. Uh oh. I even started poking around on How to Podcast websites and considered buying Podcasting for Dummies. Ouch.

But here's what I can say this morning: all those things I mentioned are ready. Chief among them is Jack Wakes Up. And yes, I'm new to this and podcasting has a lot that I still need to learn about it, but I think it's time to just dive right in and start putting it together. Yes, I'll get better. Yes, there's more that I can do. Yes. Yes. Yes. But I also need to start somewhere, right?

Voice: check. Novel: check. Microphone: check. Theme music: check. Witty and informative segment to say at the start of the recording: well, maybe...

But whatever. Thanks to Craig at Rebel Without a Clause for listening and encouraging me. If you want, send more encouragement and I'll keep plowing forward. Here's the place for it to start. It's starting. Listen to Jack Wakes Up. Coming soon.

Thanks to Jeff for helping make the blog look better.


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