Monday, February 26, 2007

JP2: This is Life

or This is Life: a Jack Palms novel

How's that sound? Have a ring to it?
There's a lot going on this week with me. Wednesday story #1 of A Long Way from Disney goes live on podcast, making my return after finishing JWU in December. I'm happy to be back to that. More on that later.

The real thing I want to talk about here, the big shebang, the geegaw, the event to kaibosh all other events (even Departed winning best picture) is that this morning I finished the first full draft of the sequel to Jack Wakes Up. Hefty. Fast. The sequel comes in at 235 pages & 66,000 words, not the welterweight that JWU wound up being at close to 85,000 words, but this is just about exactly the same length as the first draft of JWU came out almost 17 months ago today to the exact date. I think I finished that first draft on 9/23/05. Wow. It's got me shaking my head, pinching myself, goo goo-ing and ga ga-ing. Mostly I feel nervous, like it wasn't supposed to happen like that, like I was supposed to sweat it out for ten months or longer. But shit, it went, it worked, I wrote. There's still work to do, without a doubt, and I'm optimistic and excited about my revision process, but revise I will. I feel like I have some better chops for revising this time, like I'll be able to make more decisive cuts and changes and additions this time around. I'm ready to take it head on.

So that process will begin soon. But today, tonight (eventually I'll be done teaching at 9:30) and tomorrow night I will celebrate and consider the taste of the air that I breathe.

Give a what what when you read this.
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Blogger csperez said...

congrats! that's incredible!

12:54 PM  
Blogger csperez said...

wait, the Departed was a movie? i thought it was an infomercial for Motorola cellphones! talk about product placement...and look! you can even send text messages while your phone is still in your pocket! and lo! when you send text messages your phone is so quiet that not even a mob boss will hear it during a deal!

11:39 AM  

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