Sunday, January 27, 2008

ALWFD #24: Swabbing the Deck


First the BIG NEWS: Jack Palms III is coming February 24th!! Mark your calendars. And check out this art for the big SF Ad Campaign!! Awesome! Thanks to Jerry Scullion of Scullion Design Works!!
That's the big news. Here's this week's episode description, as told to Just the kind of story that a couple of guys would tell sometime, somewhere, on a rooftop in Brooklyn. That and the ongoing struggles of the Revlon Warriors Basketball Squad.
Here's the goods: thanks to Stephen Jacob, here's the complete Jack Wakes Up iso-CD disk image ready to download and burn for your friends!
feel free to grab it free, put it on a disk and give the gift of Jack Palms book-listening.
And here's a Shake 'Em Down poster download:
Palms Daddy Love out to Jerry Scullion, Jason Andrews, Sean Robertson and Bob Ostrom of Bobos Logos.
Oh, yeah, and to that Sigler guy too.
Promos this week from DarkAge and Buffy Between the Lines.


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