Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Working It Out

OK. Pretty much the whole site is ready to go full on public now. I've updated the blog, the stories page, and there's lots of new content there. Stories.

The good news about the podcast is that I'm working on it. Scott Sigler's offered his help and I'll be sending him a mock-up this week to check for quality, bumpers, things that I don't fully understand. But when that's over it'll be better off, I'm sure.

So there's that. There's the site, ready to go and I hope you'll be reading it, telling your friends about it, checking back often. Maybe even bookmarking it. There are a few ways that I can grab readers, but mostly it's you: you talking about the site and stories, telling friends, talking about it and spreading the word. Hopefully something you saw or read here today struck you or made you think and when you come back to that you'll tell someone else about what you saw.

From there, yes, the good news is that the podcast novel is on the way and coming soon. The snowball's worked out, my "bumper" is in progress, I'm learning all the tricks (or some) and it's almost here. Let's say that it drops this weekend, Sunday 7/23. Wow.

Keep checking in. Cross your fingers. Here we go.


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