Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mixmaster Catchpole

Ok, so it's been a while since I've blogged. But here I am: back!
What have I been doing, you might ask. Well, I've been working on my classes and getting JP2: This is Life in order and ready for the podcast release this summer. For me, revision is always the hardest part about writing something. Revision is all decisions, changes and then tracking the changes to make sure everything comes out kosher in the end. It can be a pain and very time-consuming. Another odd thing about it is that usually I write in the morning and bang it out, but somehow with revision it's different and I have to build up a head of steam to get myself roaring into it. So revision is not my greatest love. But it IS a necessary part of the writing process. No doubt about that.


In other news, I've been podcasting the stories from A Long Way from Disney, most recently "This One Thing" and "Don Flamenco's Finest Round." Have a look and a listen, if you haven't already.

I've been also working on promotions, and getting my name out there. Two good things this has yielded: an interview later this week with Shannon Clute and Richard Edwards for their awesome noircast "Behind the Black Mask: Mystery Writers Revealed" and an interview with Mike Bennett for a new show he's planning to debut next week. My voice will also be appearing later this month on a story of Steve McDermott's called "Delisted." All of these are good things.
Clute and Edwards do a really great show, one I've listened to a lot; they talk to a lot of noir and action writers and go behind the scenes to discuss the writing process and their books. I'll be on a show coming up where they talk to writers who are releasing their books in alternative ways, like podcasting, in my case. Tee Morris, of Podiobooks, will also be one of the guests on this show. I'm looking forward to it.
With Mike Bennett's show, you all should know him by now from One Among the Sleepless, his lengthy and worthwile podcast novel experience. Started way back in November or so and it's still going strong. Check him out if you haven't. He's being quiet about his new show so I can't say much, except for the fact that I'll be on there talking about JWU, Disney, and JP2: This is Life.

You know it!

More on the others as they develop. Good to be back with you.


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