Thursday, June 07, 2007

Featured Website of the Month

Hey! Not only are Shannon Clute and Richard Edwards the best noir and crime interviewers around, but they've chosen ME as their featured website of the month. OK, so I asked them to do it... but they did it!

First of all, you should definitely go check out both of their shows: Out of the Past and Behind the Black Mask: Mystery Writers Revealed. Both are available at and while you're there, check the excellent Featured Website there you'll see links to my books, my page, and about the best intro a writer like me could hope for.

You'll have to go over, if only to read the superlatives Shannon Clute throws around! Really, this is one site NOT to be missed.

So I'm choosing them as MY Featured Website of the Month. I'll be featuring them on JP2 episodes all this month. Behind the Black Mask has definitely become one of my favorite podcasts. Every month they interview contemporary crime writers and get about the best out of them every time. If you want info on good crime writing, this is your source.

Check out their Noircast Special #2 to hear Tee Morris and myself get interviewed, along with Kevin Burton Smith of Thrilling Detective Website!


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