Sunday, May 27, 2007


Hey, Is there someone who actually checks this thing? Looks like there is. I better get my ass back into the mode where I'm POSTING. Here's where I am now: just posted the last story for A Long Way from Disney (until fall). It's called Walden, and it completes the story arc with Cari/Corinne that started in Too Early. Sorry if there's a name change confusion. I now know to fix that if/when this book ever goes to print.

What else is new? I've got a pdf of Jack Wakes Up to show you now. Check it out if you're into on-computer reading (or if you want to get re-caught up before JP2). It's here.
What else? I'm on break between classes, I'm trying to get further along into JP2-Part 2, which so far has about 8 chapters and is... not sure how many words long. 10,000? For some reason Scrivener crapped out on the word-counting. Ok. I fixed it, kind of. I'll have to tell them about that.

Enjoy your memorial day weekends, enjoy Walden, and if you're in the Bay Area, make sure to come to Sigler/Harwood Beer Night I: June 2nd, House of Shields, SF. Close to Montgomery St. BART. 8pm. Be there!


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Seth, I really liked Walden. I believe it might be the best one yet from this series. I guess I was hoping that they would make up in the end but in real life this is the way it usually is. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the new Jack Palms next week.


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