Monday, June 11, 2007

Research: the Gats

"I love gats" --Ghostface Killah

I have to tell the story of last week's research in Milpitas at the Firing Range. So wow. Of course I had to go shoot some guns to know what Jack Palms is dealing with now and I found guns and more guns at the firing range. My friend brought three guns for us to shoot: a Glock 26 9mm (smaller than the 16 Junius Ponds gives Jack in JWU), a "Baby" Desert Eagle .40S&W, and a shotgun.
Here're a few pics:

Top to bottom you have: me shooting the Glock, the Glock, me firing the shotgun, and the Desert Eagle, standard pic from their website.

The Glock and the Eagle both had a good amount of kick. For a while I was having trouble with the Eagle b/c my hand was too big to pull the trigger without hitting the release button for the clip. This was bad, but then we figured out that it was a broken clip, not me. The Glock has a pop to it and with a pointed tip bullet, made a tear through the paper target. With the Eagle's .40S&W bullet's flat front, it made a simple circle through the paper, just punched it out of the way. The shotgun, as you'd guess, made a big hole in the paper with all its 500 pellets per shot. (The gun held 5 cartridges, if you wondered.) Each of the handguns has a ten shot clip, as California law demands.

And how did I do shooting wise? With the targets? Not too bad, actually. I guess my year of doing archery and the winter months in Lexington, MA shooting BB rifles at targets in 6th grade paid off.
Here's a target:

Not too bad. I could use some practice. So the two handguns had a loud pop that's scary at first, but then isn't too bad (with the big cups on your ears). The recoil from both of these was manageable. Loading the clips was a bit of work, but not bad. If you're interested, between the two of us, we shot about 400 rounds in an hour and a half, or so. So that's a fair amount of loading. The only thing that hurt was the recoil of the shotgun, and this is because I had it pressed against my shoulder. If I was firing the shotgun movie-style, at the hip, I'm guessing it wouldn't have been bad at all. But then, how do you aim it that way? Ummm... anyway, I'll get to that when Jack starts making movies or going duck hunting, I guess.

Here's the author photo for Jack Palms #7:

Send in any questions that you have about any of this. I'll be glad to fill in what I know.
Note: Do not read any of this as an endorsement of guns, gun violence, or the NRA. I am simply a writer doing research. For all I know Ghostface Killah is crazy.


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