Friday, July 06, 2007

Newsflash/Update on Auction

Hey hey hey...
So the friggin manuscript's up to $40 now! Holy "Moorage Man" (the current high bidder). Wow. But let's not leave it at that. We can't let this guy run away with it, can we? BID HERE
The big news is I've decided that all the money from this auction will go to my wife's fundraising for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk this weekend. So whatever this thing nets all goes to a good cause: breast cancer research. Come on, ladies, I'd say it's a call to arms, but it's really even closer to your hearts. (Ouch. that was kind of a bad one. Sorry.)

So that's the news: it all goes to charity. That even means you can write it off on your taxes!! So come on, buy that sucker!! The software I needed has been provided to me by a listener, so I'm all good. Now Joelle and Avon need your help!

ALSO: in other news, the new issue of Spinetingler Magazine is now out and it's got a whole feature on podcasting crime! Featured are Clute and Edwards' three podcasts and yours truly! Check it out to read a new INTERVIEW, the first two chapters of JWU EXCERPT, and a REVIEW of Jack Wakes Up!


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