Monday, June 25, 2007

Virtual Reading Groupies!!

Yeah, the Second Life thing was pretty damn funny. Here's a brief rundown. I had my wife log me in 30 min before the event (I wasn't home) and then got home 10 minutes before it started to find my character (avatar) asleep on his feet in front of an audience of people. Picture a fat guy in a tuxedo standing behind two fancy writers at a conference table and he's asleep.

Then the reading started and people in the audience started falling asleep. Someone from the blog showed up as me (or the same avatar as me--lucky for the tux). Then I finally got to read, stood up to do it, and my guy fell asleep again. Good times!
During the panel discussion I learned how to do Tarzan yells and Little John "Yeah!'s. It was good. Also a lot of muscle-posing a la Hanz and Franz while we were sitting in our chairs.

Here's a pic of us up there. I'm the guy in the black tux. The guy next to me is a zombie. The woman at the end was the smart British moderator of the event, Jilly.

Here's a panned back pic of the event (notice the ALWFD sign in background and the sweet-looking crowd): (click to enlarge, I hope)

Thing about the whole thing was that as we were plugged into the audio, we could also type in chat-style snips about the event as it was going on. This proved to be a lot of fun. So you can pretty much imagine me throwing some G to the "hot" "women" in the audience. Or whatever I was doing. Anyway, they opened the bar right after and as you can imagine, the "women" were pumped to come up and talk to the big man.
Here's a photo I took with one of them:

This shit is all priceless, far as I'm concerned. Now I'll be going back in to see if I can get anything else from this small piece of "fame." And can only hope that when I get a real book published times in the real world will be like this!
(But I won't be as fat. Though, well...)


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Isn't that tux slimming!

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