Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm up on J.C. Hutchins' UltraCreatives!!

Hey all, stars are coming into alignment here at J.C. Hutchins and I finally got it all worked out for our interview to go through, we sat down and did it and now it's out. I think it's REALLY awesome. Definitely one of the most fun interviews I've had AND J.C. was cool enough to tack my Jack Wakes Up episode 01 onto the end of the talk.

So it's a long interview, but I think we got at some of what podcast fiction is really all about (whatever's left that I didn't get to cover with Soccergirl), what's happening with the genre, and some great talk about writing as well. I'm really ecstatic about this one and I think you'll be too when you get to give 'er a listen.

So Czech this one out! You'll be glad you did.
[Direct link to download/listen to the episode.]


Blogger Peek tar said...

Good interview, entertaining and informative. Groovy.

6:33 AM  

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