Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Second Story-Part I

Direct link to the episode.
Thanks to Jason Andrews for all his work on the new Seth Harwood.com website.
Check the sign by the highway Sean Robertson made happen.
Complete schedule of readings and events, including NYC on April 1.
THIS FRIDAY, Feb 15th, please come to my live call-in show on the In Depth You Show at 7PM EST. I'll be happy to rap with you, answer your questions, talk about anything you like. Call in at 646 378 1277.
Here's a link to drop a JWU review for iTunes.
AND here's a link to review JWU on Amazon.com.
OK? Help spread the word, tell your local bookstore to order JACK WAKES UP, and keep on rocking.
Promos from Nemcoff and Sigler.


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