Friday, May 09, 2008

The Great Psychobilly Blog Road Trip of 2008: Day 5, Part 1

Oh man, after a night in the Hummer-sine, I could barely get out of bed this morning, much less post the post I was supposed to drop about our... ummm... time together.
So here it is, folks. And thanks to Neil for stopping by.

The rest of this post has been blogjacked by Anthony Neil Smith.

Last stop: Ray "The Saturday Boy" Banks

West Coast again, for two reasons. 1) So Greg Bardsley can get more folding money from his wife, and 2) to pick up rising crime writer and podcaster Seth Harwood, author of the JACK PALMS (all caps when you write the man's name) series, the first of which met the page with a Breakneck Books edition, only to get chosen for the major leagues with a jump to Three Rivers Press next year.

You feel it before you hear it: the deep bass thrumming of the hip-hop theme song from the new JP3 podcast. And you know you're there when you see the crowd, all the fans Seth has called down for his send off. The man's built a following, 'casting the good word of PALMS into the void and hearing adoration in return. He called out for them to support him on Palms Sunday, and they responded in droves. I've even been roped in, reading a "Story So Far" for JP2: THIS IS LIFE. It's fun stuff, full of a fresh new energy the private eye genre needs badly. It's a never-ending party over there, and you should take a listen. Seth's got mad skillz (man, is that, like, ten years out of date?) with words and knows how to keep your ear to the speaker. And make sure to check out this great short story, "Young Junius" at the Storyglossia Crime Issue. Congrats on all his success.

He descends the stairs to applause and cheers, all decked out in black leather and shades. I swear he's got a Glock tucked under his jacket, but I'm not going to mention it. It's already like an armory in the Hummer-sine. One more for the pile. Inside, he pops the cork on some champagne and we all share a toast to the Great Psychobilly Blog Road Trip of 2008. Man, that really hit the spot. Good breakfast. I'll take a another glass, please.

With the podcaster along for the ride, I'll hook you up with some excerpts from Yellow Medicine I posted on my site: HERE, HERE, and HERE. I hope that whets your appetite for more, and more you shall have if you take a moment this coming Monday, May 12 (Psychobilly Monday) to purchase Yellow Medicine through Barnes & Noble. We'll see if they invite us in for a beer or slap at us like a pesky mosquito. Now, if you happen to be around Minneapolis, Madison, or Milwaukee this coming week, forget B&N and come down to see me at Once Upon a Crime, Booked for Murder, or Mystery One. I'll be dropping by some Barnes & Nobles and Borders stores, too, so that Upper Midwest corridor will be flush with signed copies.

Seth's snapping cell phone pictures of the crazy party we've got going on in the back while I reach for the volume knob and step on the gas. Where to next? To answer the S.O.S. from The Jordans at Crimespree Magazine: "Need More Road Trip!" And so we oblige.

Driving time: Three light years (and a parsec)
Tune for the leg: "Drunk Fuck Fight" by The Formaldebrides


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