Thursday, May 01, 2008

Storyglossia Crime Issue Rocks! (Now with more Harwood!)

Today's the launch of our favorite online journal's new issue: Storyglossia #28, the All-Crime issue is out NOW. Edited by Anthony Neil Smith of Plots With Guns and the CrimeDog One Blog (also an old friend from JP2), this issue provides hot (and I mean HOT) stories from Vicki Hendricks, Megan Abbott, Ray Banks, and a little story I like to call "Young Junius." Fans of JACK WAKES UP and Junius Ponds, you've GOT to check this story out!

I'm also happy to add that "Young Junius" has also been released as a podcast by Rick Stringer and the Variant Frequencies team. If you haven't heard of the Stringers (Rick and Anne) and Matt Wallace, you will, soon. I promise.


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