Thursday, July 20, 2006

Making Sound is Hard to Do

OK. Two things: 1) I've been a lot busier these past weeks than I wanted or planned to be. This has been a frustration that has led to this project and the podcast not getting done. 2) I'm now planning to get things on track more and I've found out that making an actual podcast, doing the kind of production that a guy like Scott Sigler has on his episodes, is very hard and time consuming work.

Here are a few things you might not have known:
1) Garageband takes up a huge amount of the horsepower inside a mac computer, making it hot, and making its fan run louder than any other program does. This, coincidentally, is the program that you use to record sound and yes, podcast reading. So it's funny. After a while, there's a new whir on the track which is, yes, the computer. I'm told that putting an ice tray under the mac doesn't help. Seems you just have to take your mic as far from the computer as you can, which making hitting record/stop kind of hard. Funny.

2) When you turn pages of a manuscript, it doesn't sound good in a recording. Same with moving your chair. And coughing or getting something caught in your throat, yeah those are forbidden.

3) Doing the actual cutting and pasting (editing) of your track to take out these kind of mistakes and to blend in the second takes in Garageband takes some time to figure out and it's not as easy as you'd hope. I guess I'll be heading back for another procare session on this one.

So, yeah, these three things are about where I am now. Though I've really only been working to record for a couple of days.

But I'm getting there. And I'll have something for you soon.


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