Friday, May 11, 2007

Me + Interviews

Getting crazy hectic over here with the JP2 frenzy in full swing. If you haven't told every last person you know about it (or at least those who will have some idea what you mean when you say the word "podcast") you're not doing your job.

I'm out and about this week and should be for a little while: you can hear Mike Bennett (of One Among the Sleepless) interview me on his new show Bonus Track HERE. It's also at So's he.
There'll be a second part of that interview (the part to cover This Is Life) coming out next month.

And this weekend, May 12th at 2PM PST, I'll be on Writers Talking, a LIVE call-in talk/interview show to discuss my writing with another guest. The topic is REVISION. Yes, get on there and listen in. You'll be able to type in questions to ask me or even say them yourself on the show. Awesome! The show's at From there, you have to download "Talkshoe" but it's free and they won't bother you and then you're right onto the live air. You're even "in" the chat room. It's kinda cool. Be there. I will.


Blogger nosenabook said...

I've been seeing your name EVERYWHERE lately - way to go, Seth!

You and Sigler and beer and fans: very scary. Maybe someone will blog about the reality.

"Jack Wakes Up" was in the top ten subscriptions at Podiobooks the other day, shortly after the 15 minutes of JP2.

11:54 AM  
Blogger nosenabook said...

I'm listening to Mike Bennett's show, the one you link to, and can you believe I forgot how ....disturbing I find Mike's work?

I forgot to say what a great start for JP2! And we're off!

12:13 PM  

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