Monday, July 16, 2007

Parsec Awards Nominee

So tonight I got an email from the Parsec (Podcasting) awards people saying the both Jack Wakes Up and A Long Way from Disney were nominated for Parsec awards. Very cool. Thanks to whoever nominated me out there.

Here's what I got:
On behalf of the podcasting community, we wish to congratulate you for your recent nomination for a Parsec Award for the following podcast(s):
A Long Way from Disney - Best Non-Speculative Fiction
Jack Wakes Up - Uncategorized Submissions

Not sure what that means about Uncategorized Submissions. Guess I'll have to categorize it. Non-Speculative Fiction seems to fit. Now the bad news is I have to come up with 10 minute excerpts for the judges to listen to and I have to do it in ONE WEEK!!

Ouch. Is that my sciatica calling again?


Blogger Peek tar said...

Good luck with the Parsec awards!

8:10 AM  

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