Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hard Day's Computer Junk

Hey hey hey,
I hope it's all working now, but today it all went sour with the site and the RSS feed. Mostly it was iWeb, but even beyond that there seemed to be more going on with problems. Anyway, now I hope I've gotten it all taken care of. I still owe blog a Duane Swierczysnki bio, but today was all computer hacking to get the site (and the RSS) back online and to get the new ep (12) out the gates!!

So I'm hoping here's some mud in the eye of the iWeb08 gods. Apple put out an "update" 2.0.1 on Wednesday or Thurs that just about killed my whole site. Thanks Apple. And the good news is that with all this messing and fluxing going on, I figured it's as good a time (better probably) to move over to libsyn!! So I did it. Here you go Libsyn!
I'm on board!
Shouldn't (fingers crossed) be any more crazy changes to the Feed or your subscription or extra file downloads that you weren't expecting.
(Though I might put out an extra bonus this week if all goes well.)
Sorry if this tanked your Palms Sunday. It sure tanked mine. Thanks for hanging in.


Blogger smthng said...

Hey Seth, Just thought you'd like to know that Libsyn keeps trying to send episode 10.5 to my catcher, but it never shows. I just told it to ignore the bonus for now (I got it before the whackiness started). Other than that, seems okay. L8r!

12:27 PM  

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