Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pub Crawl #2

Pub Crawl #2 was a big success and a lot of fun. This time the venue was more lively, louder and we had more of a rocking time. A few repeat offenders were there in Benedict and Stephen, and also some new folks.

Scott actually drank a coffee at around 10:30 after a few beers to keep going. Dude is just that rugged. I gave him a really hard time the whole night, as I seem incapable of not doing and he takes it really well. Our next pub crawl will be in San Jose. Not sure when.

Highlights of the night were Sean Robertson showing up and asking Scott and I to sign his laptop with a Sharpie, an honor that I don't expect to repeat anytime soon. Longest commute award goes to Rich and Judy Berry who drove down from Redding (200 miles) for the Crawl and stayed overnight in a Berkeley motel to boot. They get major props!
We had an iPhone off as well.
Yes Stephen, I finally got a Flickr account. Now how do I friend people?
For now, here are some pictures.


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Well, let the people find you ;-) I just added you...

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