Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Shirts, Swag, Stuff (What you've all been waiting for)

Yes, yes, yes you Palms Daddies and Mommas!
Now you can sport your JP and SethHarwood.com gear all over the world and let people know you are one of the devoted. Bring it, sport it, rock it, whatever you want to say, this is the crap that you want to be wearing!

Bet you'll see me in this stuff. If I see you wearing any of this I'll buy you a beer or something. Even sign it. ESPECIALLY at Dragon*Con.
Get some for your kiddies. The coolest part is that once you choose a design you like, you can customize it on the site to be any style, size or color shirt you want. There's really a big selection. You can even set up the designs for your babies and your kids. Want that Onesie or Creeper? I've got it. Trucker hats? Got that too.
Even mugs and a bumper sticker.

Totally out of sight!! Drop in and see!


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