Sunday, August 05, 2007

Other sweet lines for Jack Palms T-shirts

Ian Sim won the T-shirt contest this week with his cool Jack Daniels design. I love it. Here are a few other great entries and potential lines for T-shirts. Write in your comments to vote on which you like best and to add more of your own!

1) Front: You Don't Know Jack (Palms)
Back: But You Need To - with a logo of a smoking gun underneath

2) Nothing Says "Tough" Like a Fastback With Bullet Holes
3) Who's Your Palms Daddy?

4) Junius Ponds has a posse

5) Shake 'em Down
Jack Palms Crime

6) What Palms reading is all about

7) Are you a Palms reader?

8) Jack Palms is my homeboy

9) Front: What Would Jack Palms Do?
Back: What Would Junius Ponds Do?

10) Jack Palms Crime: Shaken 'em Down on

11) Original Palms Daddy/Original Palms Momma

12) Give me my Palms Sunday!

13) Can't Wait for Palms Sunday

What others?
Thanks to Ian Sim, Jeremy Osborne, Stephane Hubert and the other who wrote in.


Blogger Jeremy said...

Seth, I think you got all of my ideas that were any good... Congrats to Ian!! Palms Daddys rule!!

4:43 PM  

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