Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Big Goings On Around Here

Ok, my peeps. Here's the general gist: big things going on here... thing so big I can't even imagine. But biggest of all is that PALMS SUNDAY is rapidly approaching. No joke. 11 days away now and getting closer every minute. You don't believe me? Go here.
Now: here's more good news. Jack Wakes Up was inside the top 40,000 books on Amazon this morning. Not only is this into the 5's digits (way way better than the 6's, believe me) but it means we're getting ever closer to our big goal of the top ten on Palms Sunday. Whoever's doing this early buying really does help us down the road. *But don't buy until Palms Sunday if you're reading this!*
Second big thing this morning is that Jack Palms 3, Jack Wakes Up AND Jack Palms II are all in the top 100 over at the iTunes Podcast>>Literature page. Yes, that's what we like and what we need. What's it all mean? Nothing more specific (still) than that good things are happening. And even building!

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I'll drop the entire free PDF of Jack Wakes Up into my feed for you to pass around to any and every crime reader you know.


Blogger lily cyrus said...

Didn't knew about these!!!! thanx for sharing

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