Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Best of the Web 2008 (Dzanc Books) - Avialable 7/15

Yo ho ho ho ho...
Yeah, that means I'm excited about something. Czech this out:

... and featuring... SETH HARWOOD

I've known for a while now that these guys selected "Tattooed People" for inclusion in this new "Best of" anthology that's just this year rolling out. And now, finally, I've come to find that the book should be hitting stores right around the corner and is already up at Amazon here for the low low price of $12 and change. Yes, if you want to buy one and send it to me, I'll be more than happy to sign it for you. Just follow the instructions on the signed copy page.

But I'm not just here to schill, I'm really excited about this release. It means that my work will be appearing in pages edited by Steve Almond, a really big dude in the short story literary scene and an awesome, hairy-chested Boston guy, as well as alongside the work of George Saunders, one of the short story all-times in my book (If you haven't read Pastoralia, you're really missing something.) and other writers whose names I haven't even been able to see yet (get my copy this week).

In any case, I'm excited and this is kind of a big deal around these parts. Hope you'll pick up a copy and/or show it to a friend if you're in a bookstore and point to my name in the contents and say, "I know this guy!"

More to come. Word? Say word.


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