Friday, July 21, 2006

T-Shirts on the walls, Book Rec, and Not so bad

Hey, here we are, back again and fresh out of the recording studio. Today's new word/concept: room echo. Can you say room echo, boys and girls? Turns out this is what happens when you're recording in a room that's not made for sound, doesn't have the foam stuff all over the walls. Until I get that (not likely) what I hear is that hanging T-shirts all over the walls works. I'll let you know how that goes. Question: does that mean I put nails into the walls to hang them or do I just tape them up or do I put them on hangers and find a way to get those stuck on the wall. You ever think of this?? Probably not. Thanks, again, to Jeff F. for suggesting this whole project.

But really it's not that bad. And a real thanks to Jeff for fixing up this blogger site. Almost blends in as a part of the rest of our place, doesn't it? Looking good. And yes, most of this is pretty fun. I'm getting closer. Much closer. Thanks again to Scott Sigler for listening to my dubs so far and offering the advice of someone who's been there.

The good news: once you get going with the reading, it's really not all that bad. I was able to get going last night and make some progress; it was happening in here. I'm showing signs of believing I can get through the first episode. Keep your fingers crossed. (Of course, I now have to redo it all once I get the T-shirts up.) Hanging in.

Last mention: I've got to recommend Down These Mean Streets by Piri Thomas, which is already Joelle's favorite book but now that I'm teaching it, I'm loving too. Got the rec from Junot Diaz in an interview he did with The Writer's Chronicle. It's a lot like Drown, which I hope you already love. One of his big influences, along with Family Installments. More on all of this later. And here's another picture from the new deck.


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