Friday, July 27, 2007

Blogarhythm nor Bloggorrhea

This's the day after the first class to end of my summer has ended. One more week with my Chabot class and CCSF just ended last night. Can you say, "Let's watch a movie in class this week?"
I didn't say that.
The back's tired, the kid's tired, and the good news is that later today I'm going to the Giants game. I swear here and now that if I catch a Barry Bonds home run record breaking ball, that I'll sell it on eBay and be a happy man about it. So there's that to be wishful about. Other than that, maybe I'll see a good hot dog out of it, but not likely.
For some reason this'll be my second Bay Area Ballpark and baseball game in the week, A's and Giants, and both with my wife's company. Sweet. Pack your warm clothes for tonight's action though. It's in SF.
And the goal for today is to work on this week's episode of JP2, get some revision done, and get it done good. How'm I doing at that?
See the above for your answer.


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