Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doing the Shake Shake!

Yeah, we're cooking over here with Hot Grease! I mean, the oil's heating up.
Over at Podiobooks, look what's Number 1! (AND Number 3!!)
Rock that! Over at iTunes, I've finally got ALL THREE Jack Palms books in the top 100 of Arts>>Literature. Top 60 even, with Jack Wakes Up, Jack Palms II, and Jack Palms 3 at 39, 60, and 50 respectively. How sweet is that?
YEAH!! That PDF is now up to 6,600 downloads roughly since Thursday, and I see awesome posts today at Soccergirl, Scott Sigler's site, and on The Rap Sheet. Thanks to all three of these guys! Rawking!


Blogger Nathan Cain said...

Jack Wakes Up is more popular than Diary of an S & M Romance? Inconceivable.

10:36 AM  
Blogger Patricia J. Hale said...

I saw it on Declan Burke's Crime always Pays...

1:21 PM  
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