Saturday, March 08, 2008

THE Full PDF of Jack Wakes Up

Ok, a few days overdue here, but just in time for one week left to go!

Go ahead, have a look at it, browse through, read some, even print it out if you like. It's yours just like a book would be (but it's on your computer). Wait until you get the dead tree version and you can curl up with it!!
I'm posting this today for you to have and also for you to pass around to any of your friends who might be interested in having a look at JACK WAKES UP. This is for anyone you know who doesn't listen to podcasts, hasn't been convinced yet about the crime fiction dominance that JWU deserves, or maybe even *gasp* doesn't know about this book.

So spread it around, share the love, the link, the PDF. Feel free. Here it is:
JACK WAKES UP the book.


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