Friday, March 14, 2008

Tiime to spread the love and help my boy!

Photo: Peter Kim
Anthony Neil Smith, awesome writer, Jack Wakes Up supporter, editor of the amazing crime zine Plots with Guns, former JP2 SSF reader, and author of the brilliant novel YELLOW MEDICINE is currently getting Skunked over at the Bleak House Books book club poll. Seriously. (No offense, Neil.) It's time we do everything we can to pitch in and help this great writer make sure that YELLOW MEDICINE is THE book club book for these folks.
They're deciding it by a vote over at Bleak House books. What can you do? Go here and vote for Anthony Neil Smith and YELLOW MEDICINE. In this election year, we can do no less!
AND, we have to do this fast! Voting ends Monday, St. Jacktrick's Day, March 17th!


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