Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Snowball's Melting

I'm starting to feel like I should rename this blog "The Trials and Tribulations of an Amateur Podcaster in Berkeley." Turn the whole thing into a series like Orwell's Down and Out. But I'll try to refrain for now.

So here's the latest: I fixed up the smallest room in our new place (also one of the only two that has carpet) with blankets and sheets all over the walls and tried recording in there. Good news: the sound quality is good and you can hear a big difference between that one and the earlier recording. It's like the earlier one was recorded in a train station, or something, a little. Anyway, that's taken care of. But then we got hit with a Nor Cal heat wave and you can imagine what that did to the little room with no window that opens, one light, and blankets all over the walls. Right. So if the mic was really a snowball, it'd be water on the carpet right now. And me? Not much different. So that's on pause until I can go back in there.

Here' s little picture of what the room looks like so you can imagine.

I'm trying to stay upbeat about the differences between Apple's claim of podcasting "right out of the box" and what's going on here, telling myself that I'm going for a higher level of podcast than some might, but I'm not sure. Everyone I've talked to seems to say you need a better mic than the one that comes standard, and these room issues seem to follow suit. Anyway, it's making for a journey. Hope you're interested. I think I'll have the podcast of Jack Wakes Up by later this week. (They're saying the heat will break tomorrow.)

For now, visit the stories page and read one you haven't already.


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