Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Yes, as you may or may not have guessed, making these podcasts does REALLY take up a lot of time. It's hard work, man. Hard work. (In some ways.) I can't complain, but yes, there is a lot of work involved. Scott Sigler warned me about this, and I can't say I didn't hear him, but do we ever think something's going to take as much work for us as someone tells us? No, probably not. At least not if you're like me.

So, yes. It does take a while. Here's the upside of the podcasting: it seems like, if my .mac download rate is any indication, that people are really listening. I attribute this to the promo on Scott's show (another one to come this week!) and feel like it's great promotion/publicity for the novel and also "the writer." So I'm doing it and that's good, and/but now I'm locked into a good 4-6 hours a week of work on this (more than that, really) and I have to find the times to fit it all in, get the recording done, do the editing, and all that. It's good to be back in CA with my desk and apartment and all, but the fall schedule is new to me and so there's a transition involved.

This is kind of what I'm going through. Lots of excitement though when there is time free to get working on new writing projects, including the Genius novel, sending out stories, and a possible sequel to Jack Wakes Up (the next Jack Palms novel...) Ha. Anyway, the Mississippi Review is having a contest for post-Noir noir book excerpts and I'm planning to send them Ch. 12 of Jack Wakes (The Columbian chapter--just podcast) but I haven't gotten around to it yet. There's also a contest/guy someone knows who's reading for a mag called "Lost" that I'd like to send to and haven't yet.

That and the school business involved with getting the new classes going and some extra teacherly paperwork I have to do and, you guessed it, your boy is as busy as he can handle. Ask Hadley how she feels about it. Joelle's busy too, or else she'd be the authority there.

And now: the big news:: Podcast Episode #5 is now out on the site and on itunes. Check it!!


Blogger csperez said...

part 5 is up already! god damn this writer is hard working...

so i asked hadley about it, and she is still waiting for the chapter when she gets her big cameo, you know the part when Jack runs away from a barking columbian dog.


10:48 PM  
Blogger Seth Harwood said...

but Hadley rarely or never barks, so it's hard to record her. I'm working on it though.


10:15 AM  

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