Tuesday, August 15, 2006

itunes feeds aren't easy and a potentially very cool thing

First here’s a little issue I got into: with itunes, once you start to upload your stuff, it locks you in at a certain url. OK. Fine. But I changed the title of my page a while back to drop the “:a podcast novel” from the Jack Wakes Up page. As it turns out, this has meant that my itunes feed never got past Ep. 1 if you wanted to listen in only from itunes. Never fear, if you were going from my site, you were fine. But it seems like some traffic went straight through itunes and those people may have only gotten Ep. 1. So how to work around this? I don't know. No one seems to know. Yet. I'm still working on that one. Now if you search me in itunes, you'll see two feeds. One was the original and the other is the new and onward. (You can tell it by the new artwork.) So check that out, write a review of the damn thing if you’re reading this. Tell someone it ROCKS!

Then here's something that could be very cool. So I got an email from apple the other day saying that my site’s getting too much activity and it’s in danger of getting shut down until Aug. 16th. The Deal is, they give you 10 Gigs of downloading per month, split between the first and second halves evenly at 5G. I was up to 4.4G for the first half of August!

What does this mean? Other than activity and that I owe Scott Sigler even more thanks, I’m not sure entirely what it means. Yes, there’s traffic, but with the downloads, I don’t fully know what’s happening in terms of numbers. I know that the longest episode is 17mg and then there’s some math that I can’t get too close a handle on. It either means a whole lot of people are listening or a lot of people clicked in and gave it a try. Either way, I like it: let’s hope they’re here to stay. [If you’re new and you’re reading this, keep listening!!]

Also, the good news, short-answer, is that I upgraded and my account can now handle a lot more activity. So I can keep growing, building. Let’s go out and make it happen, readers: tell a friend, send an email. I won’t start quoting from Scarface, but you know, let’s Shake It Up!!

I also just sent out an email to everyone out there on the list I have. If you're reading this and didn't get it and want to be on the list, drop me a line. I'll gladly put you on. If you're reading this and did get it, go check out the excerpt from Jack Wakes Up that's at Storyglossia.com.
It's at http://www.storyglossia.com/fifteen/sh_ralph.html. If you didn't get the email, check this out too. Give Steve at Storyglossia some traffic, some Writer's Blog love. Just pour it out there, people.
Apologies to Jenn for starting my email with "Countrymen" and not "Country-People." I should've gone non-gender. Always. How about just "Romans?" Lend me your ear??

Probably too much traveling and not enough sleep. More on the vacation in the next installment.


Blogger csperez said...

what about "Podman, lend me a bear..."


glad you're back!

1:33 AM  
Blogger csperez said...

Er--I meant "BEER"
Ah, the sober light of day....

2:06 PM  

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