Thursday, August 10, 2006

Vacation, snowball, hotness, and Contest!

Yeah, yes friends, I'd like to be podcasting more right now and am feeling the effects of being away from the internet for most of my days. But the wind through the trees and the green leaf silhouettes over my head are helping helping.

Good new things this week: Episode 3 of Jack Wakes Up is now out!! Listen, download, enjoy it. It's all there in The Dickens too, except for the part that's about to appear on Storyglossia early next week. Check in there for Storyglossia Issue 15 which will feature Chapter 6 of Jack Wakes Up, "Ralph's House." Thanks again to Scott Sigler for linking his latest blog and podcast to Jack Wakes Up! Awesome contact there and he's clearly a great guy, right? Right.

Also new: don't forget the story, "Don Flamenco's Finest Round." Go there. Read it. Keep involved. I hope you're all enjoying the podcasts, the book, and the stories. Don't forget, if you see something here you like (or hear something) tell a friend. Tell two friends. Keep the promotion going.

Also: Contest!!! Not for just a free set of steak knives!
See who can design the best cover for Jack Wakes Up contest. Soon I'll be listing Jack Wakes Up on podiobooks and a few other sites that require me to have an official cover. Anyone who submits your best attempt at making one will receive lots of love here on the blog and the one who successfully creates the cover will receive... a signed copy of Post Road, featuring my latest publication, "Fisher Cat." That or whatever you'd like, basically. I need a cover here, people!!

Keep it cool.


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