Sunday, August 20, 2006

Voting: not so much

So not many people voted on the covers. Thanks to Craig for being *the one.* You're the man, Craig.
Seems like parts of the world have shut down for many of us these days, around this time in August. We're camping, traveling, taking time off. And that's good. Of course it's good. On my trip to the Berkshires and Mass, I got to see my family and look up at the trees, one night I looked up at the stars and tried to see a meteor shower. What ended up happening looked like isolated shooting stars but more than you'd ever see on a regular night. I lay down in a field out in the woods, looked at more stars and lights than I ever see at home and felt the cold wet of the grass underneath me.

This is what summer is, isn't it? When I was a kid I remember doing the same thing from a boat, out in the middle of a lake, seeing the Milky Way as clearly as I ever have. I remember waking up at 2am intentionally riding across Canada on a passenger train the one night I actually had a sleeping compartment and going up to the viewing level in the lounge car to try to see the Northern Lights. I remember one night in Iowa, hot as you could imagine, humidity like crazy, and finding a place where the fog had rolled in onto a field in a deserted park, soaked the grass cool and wet with dew. Lying down in that grass, still hot after midnight and cooling off in the wet, soft blades. That's all summer.

And we're glad to have it, especially as the nights grow colder and we can feel the press of September and work life breathing down on top of us.

When you have a chance, vote on the cover. I'm leaning toward the second.



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jenn says she likes the second cover better

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