Friday, August 18, 2006

Covers Covers

Ok, People,

Jeff wins the design a cover contest, the key to my house, a set of steak knives, and free rides in my car for the rest of the summer. Very exciting and awesome. He's produced two great candidates for cover of the novel. And now...
The exciting part is that you get to vote for which one you like best. (Only one can be submitted to podiobooks.) (Though I could put the other one on if I can get on there...)
[Next week's subject: How to get onto Podiobooks and The itunes chapter of that story is a simple yet a frustrating one. They seem very easy, but when it comes to updating your postings and/or dealing with a feed that may have changed unexpectedly because you don't expect iweb to do something that it does do, you're kind of up the creek. Picture me spending lots of time at the Genius Bar in the Apple store in Emeryville. If you know Emeryville, you can feel my pain. (But I secretly kind of love going there.)]

Anyway, back to the voting!! Here are the two awesome contest winners:

Both very awesome, as you can see. Picture the one on the right with the girl's arms restored to her silhouette. Now you vote by adding comments to the blog.

Go to it!! Winner gets to be featured on The Internet!!


Blogger csperez said...

i vote for the bridge cover, but if you changed the yellow of the bottom one, i might like it more...awesome job jeff!

11:10 PM  

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