Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ep 17 is out Now!

Just put out episode 17 and I forgot to remind everyone to tell your friends and all your peoples about the Jack Wakes Up podcasts. It doesn't even matter how well you know them. Just send out an email, many emails to people and tell them about Jack Wakes Up. Help spread the word because (I'm more and more realizing it all the time, and you probably knew already that) the success of Jack Wakes Up is dependent on YOU! That's right: that means get out there, mobilize your ipods and your friends ipods, burn some people some cd's if that's what it takes. Just do it!

That's right. We're like Nike now, rolling on toward the final episodes of this book and looking forward to giving you more. But tell some people what you've found here, what you like. It's all word of mouth that's making this happen!

Thanks again to all of you who continue to send in donations for the laptop fund. You are the greatest. Forget about Muhammed Ali.


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