Wednesday, November 01, 2006


But now things have changed.
So you'll have noticed that I did not get out a new episode of the podcast this week. Here is why:

my LAPTOP was stolen out of the backseat of my car yesterday. It was in a backpack that could have held any backpack items or nothing but it had in it my laptop, basically the whole kit and kaboodle for the podcast. I was parked at a mall near one of the schools I teach at. I went in for less than 15 minutes and it was daylight and the parking lot was busy.
The police are only now investigating it at all because I know the captain on the force, but they're not optimistic, understandably.

So that's where I am. I'm planning to get in bed and pull the covers over my head for a few days while I wait for the new computer to arrive in the mail. The good news for you all is that I've ordered it and when it comes I'll start putting things back together for the podcast (I was backed up). But this fucking sucks. But I will move on and finish the novel by early December.

I'd like to ask for contributions of $1 to the new machine, if that's OK. I will be setting up a collection: if you have one dollar to contribute, put it in an envelope and stick it in the mail to:

Jack Wakes Up
c/o Seth Harwood
484A Vassar Ave
Berkeley CA 94708

I think if I can get a dollar from all my listeners, I'll be on the way back to recovering from this bomb to my financial system.

If you're on foreign soil and this seems far too cumbersome, I'll be working on setting up a paypal link in the near future.

Thank you for your support. I'll be back.

All best,



Blogger csperez said...

dude, i'm soooo sorry. i feel nauseous actually...cant even imagine what you must be feeling. our dollar is on its way...or we'll just give it to you ;)

glad you have everything backed up though!

1:33 AM  

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