Monday, October 23, 2006

Blogs on a Plane

On the flight back from a great weekend wedding in Detroit. Congratulations to Cousin Rachel and husband Aaron. Go Tigers. We did a lot of flying and while I was, I started trying out this new program, Scrivener Gold. It’s word processing, but it makes Word look like you’re working with paper instead of an actual computer. Thing is, of course a computer can help you write much more than a simple paper and ink system, but I don’t think Word has figured this out yet. Scrivener has. The bad news is that it’s Mac only (for some of you). The good news is you can get it free from their site now in beta mode and start using it on your Mac right away, if you have one.

So I’m using it on the new novel, the new writing project, and transferred what I’ve done so far into it over the trip. Wasn’t that hard. Scrivener lets me track my progress in word amounts, look at an outline view that’s generated almost automatically, shuffle chapters around, and do some various kinds of plot outlining as I go. There’s probably more, but that’s what I’ve figured out so far.

Yeah, I said I’ve started something new. About time, really, as this is the real work, but it does take some time to come back off a manic rewriting stint like I went through last year. Kind of a rut maybe. Now I’m hoping to have a better process on this time around and as long as my teaching holds up like it is, I should have the time (mornings) to keep banging out the draft well into the new year. And that’s what it’s all about, the great and the work, the plan and the implementation.

The blog? I’m open to suggestions about what I should be writing about, but also it’s hard to find time for this in places when a lot else has been going on. The podcast’s on ep. 14 this week and just over 200 pages. (80 pages left to go!!) I think I’ll have about four or five more episodes and can finish before thanksgiving!! Time to start planning my Q&A session/episode. I’ll put out that news this week. The Detroit fanbase (mostly relatives) already gave me some starting points for that this weekend.

The other option/possibility is to work on a series of entries with Steve McDermott where we each interview one another about the revision process and writing. It’s a plan but he’s been super busy judging his first-ever Storyglossia contest ($1000 prize to the winner!) and I’ve been doing all this above.


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