Monday, October 30, 2006

Definitive Plan

The plan is this: normal episodes this week, next week and on the 15th of November. This will put us just before the climax of the novel. THEN... then I'll take a week off for Thanksgiving. Sorry, has to happen. Wife's orders. Such is life. AND the good news is that while I'm on a break I can and will work on an extra-special, long climax episode that will be #18 and will air on the following Monday. So you'll be able to get your JWU fix right after the big holiday weekend and get back to work in style.

(I'm realizing more and more that listening to podcasts in the car is the best way to take control of the morning commute hours (all in-car hours) instead of listening to whatever random stories NPR puts on or searching endlessly for good music. (Here in the Bay Area, it's pretty rare.) So take control!! Listen to Jack Wakes Up in your cars, people.)

Anyway, that's my plan, the good news and the bad. Then there'll be that big episode and one final novel episode on the 4th of December and it will all come to an end. Oh my God!! What will we do with our time and ears? Don't worry, more podcast and stories to come in the new year. I'll also have a wrap-up and interview episode in mid-December where you can write in to have your questions about the novel and my writing process answered.

Sound good? Ok. Good.

One vote today for Mark Wahlberg to play Jack Palms in a movie.


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