Sunday, October 29, 2006

This week's best

The best posts and emails this week were about two things: 1 was that this week's high vote getter was Mickey Rourke for the movie version of Jack Wakes Up.
So that means Rourke has two votes, Kieffer Sutherland has two votes, and my vote is still a toss up between Clooney and Brad Pitt, with neither of them satisfying me. Joelle votes for Clooney or Thomas Haden Church. How about Ben Rothlisberger to play Jack Palms?? That's be cool. Broken face and all.
Terrel Owens to play Junius Ponds? Write in and tell me what you think if you're up for the all-NFL-player production of Jack Wakes Up. Polamalu as Freeman, but he'd have to bulk up. Clearly the best person to play Freeman is Mosie Tatupu from the old 80s era Patriots.
Tony Eason just in to play Ralph.

Another couple of emails this week from across the pond, in England. Well, I guess now that I live in California, I can't call the U.K. "across the pond." Now it's more like around the world. Literally. Across the pond is now Japan, I suppose, but oh what a big pond that is.

The story gets really into the meat of it this week and I'm looking for a good episode. If I can get Tony Vitelli's voice striaghtened out and keep Junius consistent, we'll all be happy.
Anyone remember what Tony V. sounds like? I have to go back and check. He's kind of like a softer versin of Ralph, kind of my best Joe Pesci. So we'll see. Hope you're there to hear this week's ep. and will in fact love it.

Another email this week came in to tell me about a new podcast novel, "One Among The Sleepless," by British author Mike Bennett. Check him out at

And I'll be back soon with more info on Jack Wakes Up.

PS: The second Jack Palms novel has been started. Thanks to Scrivener for the free drafting software. (Check it out if you haven't.)


Blogger csperez said...

oooohhhh an all NFL cast! will the movie be released right after the super bowl!

i am so behind it's cruel ... and i believe the Pacific is referred to as the "Lake" and not the Pond ;)

RAIDERS BABY! what what

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