Thursday, December 07, 2006

19 is up and let's talk Q&A (also celebration!)

Fans and friends of all ages,

I just finished mixing episode 19 of Jack Wakes Up and man was that a wild ride! Who knew when I started this project in late July that it'd be this much work? And that my laptop would get stolen :-(.

Wow, and now it's December and I've mixed and recorded an episode a week, about 15 pages, for this whole time! It's also been a hell of a lot of fun. Thanks to Jeff Farbman and Scott Sigler for helping me a ton with my start out of the box and thanks to everyone who wrote in to tell me that they enjoyed the 'cast. I feel like I just ran a marathon and it's all your all's help that's made it possible.

Whew! I'm even starting to write like I'm exhausted. But yeah, it's been a great and wild and fun ride. And thanks to everybody for listening and writing in.

I'm going to record a Q&A episode on December 15th and put it out in two weeks' time. In the Q&A, Steve McDermott from Storyglossia is going to be asking me your questions about the novel, the podcast, about writing, and about whatever else you want to know. This is the time to start emailing in your questions for that process. Whatever you've been wondering about your favorite characters, my writing, how things got to be, or to give your two cents for what you want to see in a sequel, this is the time to write in.

So lemme have it. I'll be looking forward to hearing what you want to know.

And me? I'm taking a break. You'll hear my voice again in two weeks, but until then... take it easy and keep telling everyone you meet about Jack Wakes Up!!

Big ups,

Also: Above you'll see another picture by Mike Debo confirming the at-large Junius Ponds fan club. Right now most of the sightings have been in northern New York State. Have you seen any evidence of the fan club's visitations??
JP: the new bigfoot of our time?


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