Thursday, August 24, 2006

Added: Pickle, Alley, Odeo

Word. Lots of blogging this week. Bloggity blog blog. Yeah.

So I've now added Jack Wakes Up to,, and All of these are big, cool websites out there where people go to listen to tons of podcasts, it seems. Fortunately, adding to these guys is not hard at all. You basically just upload your RSS feed (*see below) and then they have your stuff. Now all I need to do is make sure I keep adding the weekly podcasts to the part of my iweb page that has these simple RSS url's. Not so bad.

* So iweb automatically turns all the podcasts you create into a weird feed that starts with "itpc"--this makes your computer open itunes automatically. This won't work with "the pickle" "the alley" or odeo. So what you have to do is create a blog page with the audio content. (Blog pages in iweb just contain a regular http RSS.)

If none of this means anything to you, then that's probably good. Sorry to get techy for a second. Good news is that Ep. 5 is out now and if you want to find other means of getting the 'casts, you can find them now.


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