Sunday, October 08, 2006

Over a year later

Here's where I was last year on August 8th, writing Jack Wakes Up and very close to the beginning.

I am really fucked up today. Writing something I care about, the Jack story, is going about as slow as I could ever imagine. I’m a train wreck in a chair, definitely not firing on many cylinders. The question becomes then, what to do with myself?

I’m OK. Had breakfast with Joelle, starting to pick up our stuff in the house, contacted [a contact with a copy-editing job I didn't get] and she’s overnighting the Saturn brochure for me to proof this week/tomorrow, I have the appt. with Chabot on Wednesday, and we’re working on packing up. Little writing today, but I’ll get back to hitting that tomorrow.

That's what it was like. I did not get the job proofing ad copy (deep sigh of relief) and Chabot wound up being a good deal. With the writing? That wasn't a good day. So it goes like that. Here today the weather was beautiful and I watched the Blue Angels buzz over SF from our deck in the afternoon. Awesome. It was a good weekend. Tomorrow back to the page. Few things happening: getting the proofs of a story together for a magazine called Ecotone. They're publishing "Walden" in their winter issue, after some holdup for a while. But it looks like the issue's going to have some great writers in it: Aimee Bender and some others who sound like heavy hitters. Working on that.

A question at this time is: When is a good time in the year to query an agent?


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