Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Writing and "The Life"

So... here it is, here I am sitting at my (borrowed) desk at City College San Fran, editing the sound for this week's podcast, getting ready for my Tues night class, and thinking about writing, the writing life.

You've all noticed that MTV has not come to interview me for either Cribs or The Life. I'm no Lebron James or Outcast or whoever else gets on Cribs (some guys from Blink-182 that I saw once). I'm just a guy who's writing and sometimes not even writing. I have Jack Wakes Up, a long manuscript called The Team That Was Us Once another called, lovingly, "The Genius Draft" (but that's just temporary) a handful or a bunch of stories, depending on how you look at it, which amount to at least a collection of stories, and I'm podcasting my first genre novel. These are the things I'm doing. Here in California I have more open time to work on these projects while I'm teaching part time, but the truth is my three classes this term take up a great deal of my time (not complaining). I'm also working on this podcast which will or will not break my career open. (It won't, but it is doing something cool that's new to me and exposing me to a new audience.)

So that's the thing: I now have some time for writing and I'm spending a lot of it working on these podcast epsiodes, which I love, which come every week and consume fair chunks of my days. Shit, I say, a lot, I want to do this. And I push other things aside. That's OK. The good news is that soon I'll be starting a new writing project for those of you who look forward to reading or hearing it. Possible predictions include a sequel to Jack Wakes Up ready to podcast next fall...

We'll see. I'll be 33 in a week, on the 25th, and MTV still hasn't called while I've been writing this. And I don't much care.
I hope you've been enjoying listening to the podcast and that you're still with me. I'm still here.


Blogger John said...

I'm really enjoying the podcast, man.

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