Saturday, September 02, 2006

Snowball on the Stand

Funny one:
So after all this time of stacking tables on top of tables and putting books on top of that (stacked) to get the snowball mic up to the level of my face so I can read standing up for the podcasts, I finally went to Guitar Center to ask if they sold something to put the Snowball on a mic stand. And guess what. Turns out that the hole in the bottom of the Snowball (who knew anything about this) is standard size for the male end of what's at the top of every mic stand. So. So now I have attached it to Joelle's old adjustable-to-any-height mic stand and not only can I move out all those tables and books, but the thing can actually reach up to my face and I'll be able to stand up full and straight when I podcast from now on!!

Wow. What a difference a day makes. The mic looks virtually beautiful at the top of the stand, too. So keep an ear out for if you can hear any difference in my reading and resonance now that I'll be standing full upright like a human. I'm hoping it'll make me sound less nasal.

Have a good Labor Day weekend, celebrating your labors. Take a break, for crissakes!!


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