Thursday, September 07, 2006

No. 1 with a Bullet

Thanks to Jeff for helping with this report.
So Ep. 7 went out yesterday, washer/dryer or not. AND the big news from yesterday is that Jack Wakes Up went live on, a great site for podcasting literature and a place that really seems to get some hits and draw a crowd.
Check out their top ten for today:

So yeah, wow. I mean like... dunno what to say about that but wow. I'm getting subscribers on there and the good news is that I can actually count them. Dope dope dope.

Good good. I'm speaking in squareds and cubeds. Must be late at night after a long day and I must be excited. There is definitely some payoff to the podcasting work here.

Plus, it can be lots of fun.


Blogger csperez said...

that's awesome...jenn and i say CONGRATS!!!

11:20 PM  

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