Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Long Time No Write

Sorry it's been so long since I posted anything here, in case you were watching. I've been busy working on the sequel, which is good news for all of you out there. Jack Palms II: This is Life, is coming along. You can also call it This is Life: A Jack Palms novel. That's the title I'm more likely to go with.
Here that's been the whole show, that and teaching and working on the story podcasts in A Long Way from Disney. And this seems like enough.
But also, on the site-side, I've added a new program called the Missions page and a new group called the Palms Daddies and the Palms Mommas. Here's where listeners like you can get on and throw your name in for preview episodes of JPII (This is Life) and other cool promotional deals. The exchange is that I ask you to complete a task or two that'll help get my podcasts into more people's ears. I'm working on ramping up toward the summer release of the new novel and trying to get as many folks to listen as I can. Remember: only you can help grow the podcasts. (Well, I can too and I'm trying. Are you?)

Enough pressuring. Here's the place for me to get off. Take a visit over to the site,, and see the new missions page. It's all that and then some.