Friday, February 29, 2008

JP3 at 43!

Today JACK PALMS 3 (all caps when you spell the man's name) is number 43 on the iTunes Arts>>Literature Podcasts.

What's that mean? Far from clear what this means for now or later, but it is *definitely* a good thing. A good sign.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm up on J.C. Hutchins' UltraCreatives!!

Hey all, stars are coming into alignment here at J.C. Hutchins and I finally got it all worked out for our interview to go through, we sat down and did it and now it's out. I think it's REALLY awesome. Definitely one of the most fun interviews I've had AND J.C. was cool enough to tack my Jack Wakes Up episode 01 onto the end of the talk.

So it's a long interview, but I think we got at some of what podcast fiction is really all about (whatever's left that I didn't get to cover with Soccergirl), what's happening with the genre, and some great talk about writing as well. I'm really ecstatic about this one and I think you'll be too when you get to give 'er a listen.

So Czech this one out! You'll be glad you did.
[Direct link to download/listen to the episode.]

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Listmania! Want to get in on the action? (Al dispatch)

Hey yo, homies,
Al here.
A new way to plaster Jack Wakes Up the book all over the now is exists! Czech it: if you make the Listmania lists on and put JACK WAKES UP at the top, our cover will pop on the people's Amazon search screens all over this country, the US. And people will wonder: "What is this?" They will look at it and... they will maybe buy. So we try this. No? Yes. We try. Then they buy.

Here is telling how to make the Amazon Listmania Lists.
How to Make Listmania Lists on (Video below.)

This is good, no? Seem is easy. NOW, we give you the information.
Jack Wakes Up: what to put in your Listmania lists.

Harwood show us this video on how to make the lists.
Do you get me, brothers?
Are you with Al?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Podcast Fiction interview with Soccergirl

This one definitely goes out to all my homies in Clatskanie. (Oregon). Glad as hell that SG and I finally got to put this video together. I think it *hella* rocks.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Now's the time! (Discount T-Shirts!!)

Ok, yo, check out these two new styles of T down below. And Now's the time to buy because
1) you're going to want to *represent* as we get closer to Palms Sunday
2) now you can get an extra 10% off the prices of these sweet babies by using the code: NBNIURTCILYRHHEBUNBA when you buy before Feb 26. That's right, NBNIURTCILYRHHEBUNBA. You know it!

The Second Story-Part I

Direct link to the episode.
Thanks to Jason Andrews for all his work on the new Seth website.
Check the sign by the highway Sean Robertson made happen.
Complete schedule of readings and events, including NYC on April 1.
THIS FRIDAY, Feb 15th, please come to my live call-in show on the In Depth You Show at 7PM EST. I'll be happy to rap with you, answer your questions, talk about anything you like. Call in at 646 378 1277.
Here's a link to drop a JWU review for iTunes.
AND here's a link to review JWU on
OK? Help spread the word, tell your local bookstore to order JACK WAKES UP, and keep on rocking.
Promos from Nemcoff and Sigler.

The Second Story-Part II

Here's the second installment of The Second Story, all you'll get for now. Next up is JACK PALMS 3. You know you're ready for some of that!!
If you want to help out this week, ship the new version of JWU-01 to all your friends. Also, it'd be great if you would drop an Amazon review here and an iTunes review for Jack Wakes Up here.
I hope you're getting crazy excited like I am! Drop me an email this week if you want cards, swag, cd's or anything else.

Friday, February 15, 2008

We UP!!

Last night one of my students told me she'd seen the Jack Wakes Up signs in a Bart station here in San Francisco. Sure enough, after class I went down to 16th and Mission and saw two signs there.
If you're in the SF Bay area, look around for these. If you send me a picture of you with a sign, I'll be happy to post it here. Look for me this weekend scouring the area and taking shots of all the signs I can find.

Monday, February 11, 2008

JACK WAKES UP in MY house!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Yeah. WOW. That's all I can say about this one.

New Website is UP!!

We got the new website up and running! Big props to Jason Andrews, Palms Daddy extraordinaire. The new site's at Where else?
Time to celebrate!

And thanks to Jerry Scullion and Sean Robertson for making THIS come true. Wow.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Interview with Cian Mac Mahon

Direct Link to Interview

Some of you may have noticed that the Pats lost the Super Bowl. And I was wrong about them going 19-0. But I'm pretty happy with them going 18-1 over the season. It was definitely the best season of football I've seen in my life and, though they didn't win the SuperBowl, they were the best team by a mile all season long.

Were they the best team ever? Maybe not. Were they as good as the 18-1 1985 Bears? If so, I can definitely live with that. Somebody got to them and now nobody's perfect or invincible. Is that a surprise? Not so much.

Here's an interview I did with Cian Mac Mahon from View from the Quad a little while back. Hope you take a look at the All-New this week and join me in thanking Jason Andrews for all the work he did on it!

18 days to JP3 episode 1
38 days to PALMS SUNDAY!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The $3,300 Loser

This week's story is "The $3,300 Loser."
(Direct Link)

Yeah. Go Patriots!! That's what's up.
Big news this week is the new website is coming soon thanks to P. Daddy Jason Andrews!
I air out some of my 5-month old picks for the Super Bowl and announce my upcoming appearance on the Indepth You Show on Feb. 15th at 7PM EST. This'll be a live call in show, so please plan to get involved. It'll be the perfect time to talk about Jack Wakes Up in print AND the Feb. 24th start to Jack Palms III.

I've also got a new promo this week for you to check out. If you're a podcaster or even if you're not, here's a link to the NEW JP3/JWU book promo for everyone to spread across the web! Booyah!